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"I just do all the right things, the "wrong" way."

Just a little bio about the man here. Thank you for taking the time to read....

Terrance Charles

Terrance Charles (AKA TC) is from Norman, Oklahoma with a gift to entertain and influence the world. He is a very driven, charismatic, and intelligent young man. After hanging up college football at the University of Oklahoma, Terrance began to pursue modeling-after a funny story with one of his best friends Curtis "Big Katt" Bailey during a Spring Break trip to Las Vegas. However, he soon found his calling while auditioning for a classmate's student film one evening. Terrance enjoys modeling, but his TRUE passion is being in front of the camera acting. "It never gets old to me. Never." Terrance said. "I love it; even the 12-18 hour days with minimal sleep. If you truly love something, and in this case your job/career, you'll never have to work a day in your life. Telling stories through a camera lens, taking on a character and entertaining the audience, I love it." Terrance is the oldest of his two sisters (and two cousins) and is used to being the (natural) leader he portrays on a daily basis. He LOVES inspiring people, rising to new challenges, and all around laughing having a great time.

Terrance in 5 words:

1) Confident

2) Charismatic

3) Charming

4) Funny

5) Respectful

Casting directors, talent agencies, coaches, and scouts LOVE HIM!

Paraphrases from sources:

He gets it! Not only that, but he has it too! He came into my class a little late, with barely any instruction and he performed the exercise. I knew right then and there I wanted to work with him. Not only is he very talented, but he is very coachable and really down to earth.-Late Improve Legend/Coach Gary Austin

Terrance has the range of looks to play the sexy heart throb or the boy next door, to the super hero who saves the day or the dangerous villain you don't wanna mess with. On top of all that, he is really funny in real life and behind the camera.- LA based talent agent

HILARIOUS! Terrance is one of those people who genuinely make you laugh, without trying to. Just the stuff he says and his deliveries are always so funny. His sarcasm and his wittiness are actually impressive. I asked him if he has any experience as a comedian.- OKC Based Talent Agent


Dude, LA and New York need you NOW. ASAP.- LA Based Headshot Photographer, J. Nichols

You have A LOT of range and even your headshots tell a story with every one! That's what we want! You are a storyteller.- LA Based Talent Manager

I see you playing leads! We need to get you for the big roles!- LA Based Talent Manager

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