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Terrance Charles (TC)
SAG Eligible


Height: 6'2

Ethnicity: African-American and Native American

Age Range: 20-35

Build: Athletic/Lean



Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black-Short, faded with waves

Waist/Inseam: 32x34

Shirt: Large

Suit: 44L

Shoe: 12

Arm: 36"

Neck: 16

Chest: 44

Tattoos: Left forearm (abstract), chest (line work and font), back of shoulders (font)


Education: BA in Journalism (Broadcast and Electronic Media) minor in Exercise Science-University of Oklahoma


Willing to travel: YES!


Tulsa King-Ep. 1.5  Guard #1                         Ben Semanoff              101 Studios

Make Your Decision Keith                              Eddie Henderson        Blackginger Media

The Host                 Spencer                            Eddie Henderson        Blackginger Media

Yellow                      Hospital Orderly             Nick Cassavetes          Indion Entertainment Productions

3 Strikes                  Sir                                      Keith Shorts                Reel Things Productions

O' Brother               AK-47                                Lance McDaniel          Toy Gun Films

Chase (Episodic)    Party Go-er                       NBC                              NBC


Kia                                       Reporter                       Kia (National)                                       Kia

Nike: Summer is Hot        Basketball Player        Nike (National)                                     Nike

Nike: Kevin Durant           Basketball Player        Nike (National)                                     Nike
Gatorade                            Fan                                Gatorade (National)                            Gatorade
Champs Sports: Jordan   Basketball Player         Champs Sports (National)                 Champs Sports
National Car Rentals        Football Player            National Car Rentals (National)         Los Angeles

AT&T                                   College Student          AT&T (Southwest Market)                   AT&T

Fox Sports Network         Office Worker              FSN Network (Southwest Market)    Staplegun Productions

Home Creations                Michael (Lead)            Home Creations                                  Freestyle Productions

Remington Park                Track Runner              Remington Park                                   360 Studios

Rib Crib                               Customer                    Rib Crib (Southwest Market)              Staplegun Productions

Healthy and Fit                  Lead                             Healthy Hearts (Southwest Market) 360 Studios



Southern/Midwestern Accent


Australian (slightly)

Training & Workshops

Groundlings-Gary Austin Improv: Gary Austin-Los Angeles, CA

Advanced Acting-Nick Conti, Scott Oakley-Atlanta, GA

Actory Factory Improve level 2 Rebecca McCauly-Norman, OK

Stage Combat: Matthew Ellis-Norman, OK

Acting for the Camera: Daryl Cox-Norman, OK

Voice and Emotion: Gino Pesi- Los Angeles, California

Auditioning for Film: Chris Freihofer-Norman, OK

TV Energy and Auditioning for the Camera: Michelle DeLong-Oklahoma City, OK


Beatbox, wiggle ears, flare nostrils, voice overs, puppeteering, reporting, hosting, D-1 college football player, basketball, baseball, boxing, MMA, track and field, CrossFit, fitness, yoga, swimming, weight lifting

"Everyone starts out with a blank resume in their beginning...EVERYONE."

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